The release liner is a non stick material that can be used to cover sticky surfaces like adhesive tapes. It carries the adhesive and face material of a pressure sensitive label. The release liner always has a release coating that prevents the adhesive from sticking permanently to the backing, which allows the face material and adhesive to be removed together when a label is being applied to a substrate. It is the bottom layer in many any pressure sensitive construction. The release liner protects the adhesive and supports the face material during the die cutting process, printing process, and storage.



Release liners are usually made of paper, although film may be used in order to reduce the overall thickness of a sheet or roll of labels and to provide a base that is stronger and more durable – particularly during the die cutting process – although film liners are more expensive than paper liners.

Release liners are either one side or both sides release coated.

Our collection of release liners in Paper ranges from 30 – 200 GSM with C1S or C2S and in Films consist of various films in the thickness of 23 microns to 100 microns.



Release liners are used in a variety of applications and sectors:
• Labels
• Graphic Films
• Tapes
• Hygiene
• Medical
• Industrial (Electronics, Building & Construction, Composites)
• Envelopes
• Food & Bakery